Making Music

Welcome! This blog will be about any and everything to do with the practice of making music. First thing you do is, tune up. From orchestras to rock bands, marching bands, or you and your friends in a room or basement garage, nothing happens or can happen until you do this most important step. I was watching the film Monterey Pop and the performance by Ravi Shankar. Ravi and the musicians are on stage and this eastern wash of melody comes through the sound system very meditative and exotic. Then, they stop and the audience responds with applause. After that dies down, Ravi steps to the mic and thanks the audience for applauding while they were tuning up and now we will play.  Before the invention of portable tuners and at least in most guitar bands everyone tuned to one of the guitars that was the most likely to be in tune. That is a chord was strummed and if it didn't make you shake your head in disgust, it was probably close. Later on I got a tuning fork and tuned to the A440 by striking the fork on the palm of my hand to cause the vibration to register the correct tone and tuned the A string to that. This could be a problem in a noisy club or school gymnasium with people shouting calling out drink orders or trying to make a date. So, thank goodness for tuners. In the next segment we'll talk about what happens after this simple procedure which is where the fun begins. 

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