My name is Robert Lazaneo and I'm originally  from San Francisco and became involved with music during the period of the late 1960's. Trying to describe the songs I create is difficult but I think Americana or roots music come closest as I mix  blues, folk, jazz, and rhythm & blues. Currently, I live in South Lake Tahoe and write, record, and release new music online. I've completed a new recording which is a re-imagining of my first solo Cd, A Funny Notion.

1967 was a very interesting time in San Francisco with the bands & music seeming to be everywhere. While I was still in junior high, some friends and I formed a garage group called Jim & The Gents that played covers of all our favorite songs by The Stones, Beatles, Kinks, and Them. As we progressed we became entranced by the blues and were big followers of Paul Butterfield and John Mayalls Blues Breakers. We performed at many clubs and dance halls through out the bay area. I began writing my own songs at that time and we played openers for Country Joe Macdonald   and appeared at The Filmore and Straight Theater. Our lead guitarist, Jorge Santana, left the band and formed the latin/rock band Malo at the end of 1969. He and I wrote a song together that appeared on Malos final album for Warner Brothers in 1973. The song was titled, Everlasting Night.

I continued to write and perform in a number of bands during the next decade and moved to the South Lake where another band was formed that went out on tour through, Utah, Wyoming, and parts of Nevada. Tired of living the road life, I settled down and spent most of my time raising a family with my wife, Lauri and our kids.  From time to time, I'd perform or record with different musicians just keeping my interest in creating sounds. Fast forward to 2004 and I released my first solo cd, A Funny Notion which was my first involvement with online music and I followed it up with four additional releases with Cdbaby.  

So, now you know a little bit about me. I'm a 65 year old singer/songwriter still writing songs and making them available to the public to be enjoyed. If you've read this far, I hope you will listen to some tracks and maybe check out a video on my Facebook page. I would love to hear what you think.